Saturday, 31 March 2007

Visual CV
Building on Michael S. Scherotter's example of a visual resume, I've drafted this example using MindManager. I wanted to emphasise both my achievements as per a traditional CV and also how my skills as a facilitator and visual communicator have developed through experience.

If you have MindManager you can download the file here.
There is a competition running for the best visual resume or CV. Click on this link here for more details.


Dragos Roua said...

Hi, Steve, and thanks for participating. Your mind mapped CV really looks impressive. Good luck in the contest :-)

Gaelen said...

Hi Steve,

I work for Mindjet and just came across this resume you built, I love it! Any way we could share this MindManager resume example with other MindManager customers and enthusiasts? I couldn't find your contact info on your blog, but my email is: Hope to hear from you soon.