Friday, 27 July 2007

Group Decision Making in the Press

brainstormingSteveSmlThis week I had the opportunity to speak to the Business Editor of the local newspaper here in Reading. The following are extracts from the Reading Chronicle article headed "Barnstorming [sic] Steve's the man who puts the meat into meetings".

"MOST workers will know how unproductive some meetings can be. Steve Rothwell has made it his job to put that right. Errors, assumptions and miscommunications often leave workers going along with decisions they don't really support, or even not going along with decisions because they feel excluded.

As facilitator Mr Rothwell says he can go into firms, independently of office politics and with a few ground rules laid down, get groups of workers, often in diverse workforces, to jointly contribute to decisions."

To read the full article visit my company web site, or download the pdf here.

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