Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Mindjet_MindManager_CI_Brainstorming_largeI'm very interested to hear from anyone who has used MindManager to facilitate group workshops.

A key feature of many workshops is of course brainstorming. MindManager includes a brainstorm tool and MindJet have provided a map describing "how to brainstorm with MindManager".

It's available from the MindJet site at Brainstorming with MindManager.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has used the MM brainstorm tool with a group.


Andrew Wilcox said...


I have not used the brainstorming mode as I am comfortable entering the brainstorm directly on a map and projecting it.

I use this process frequently and Mindjet's guidelines still apply. I would add "Allow the pregnant pause".

If you run MindManager in Presentation mode you can get rid of the toolbar clutter.

Mindjet have used the Save views to create four views of this map. View > Map View list. I had problems getting back to seeing the full map. I then discovered F4 or View > Show other branches.

I also use the Six Thinking Hats process from Edward de Bono to facilitate meetings.

Andrew Wilcox, Cabre

Steve Rothwell said...


Many thanks for your insights and I agreed with (and enjoyed) the comment "Allow the pregnant pause".

I've also discovered the ribbon toolbar can be hidden by right clicking on the ribbon and selecting "Minimize the Ribbon". Right clicking again and deselecting this option restores everything.