Monday, 20 August 2007

Facilitated Workshops and MindManager - A Survey

The classic tools of a professional facilitator include flip charts, marker pens, Post-It notes and a big empty wall. MindManager and a data projector offer enormous potential to supercede or supplement some of these tools.

I'd love to hear your stories of how you have used MindManager to facilitate group workshops of any kind.

Workshop tasks that can be supported by MindManager include:

  • sorting, sifting and summarising of ideas using mind maps
  • timeline charting for action plans can be done with MindManager and MS Project
  • brainstorming using the MindManager brainstorming tool.

MindManager in WorkshopsI would welcome the opportunity to share your experiences. Have you experienced any limitations with the software? What has worked well for you?

What was the subject of the workshop? Who were the participants? Was it business, public or some other purpose? Which features of MindManager did you use? Have you used the brainstorming tool? How did the participants react to use of the software?

It would be great to share any notes or guidelines for specific workshop approaches that you may have developed. Later on we may be able to consolidate the responses to produce guidelines on using MindManager in group workshops.

Thanks to all in anticipation.


Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D said...

I enjoyed reading about you ideas on how to use MindManager with groups. I have used MindManager with my graduate classes to teach with and it has worked out great


Steve Rothwell said...

Hi Brian

Thanks - would you be able to expand a little on your experience? Have you used MM to plan classes? To actually deliver the lesson?


Mark nieuwenhuizen, said...

We do brainstormsessions with SMB-clients. As the facilitator I'm on the keys of my mac connectend to a beamer. Works great but I can't wait for the serverversion where we alle could work on our own laptops and use the same map.

Looking forward to do online brainsormsessions with clients at their own desks.

Tried it a few times with Mindmeister but with more then two users at the same time, it doesn't work great.


Steve Rothwell said...

Hi Mark

Thanks for th post. Have you used MM with online conferencing tools? I don't know what the Mac equivalents to NetMeeting and other Windows tools would be


Andrew Wilcox said...

Hi Steve,

I have used MindManager for facilitating meetings from One to Ones on-line (using RealVNC to share my desktop) through to using it in large groups using Open Space and World Cafe processes.

Edward de Bono's-Six Thinking Hats is a great structure for controlling meetings where the attendees have conflicting agendas. The mind map gives powerful feedback to the participants.

Of course its not just about facilitating its also about publishing the meeting quickly as well. MindManager excels at that. At large corporate meetings I am producing rich media web sites with video, photo, sound and maps which give valuable feedback on what happened.

Steve Rothwell said...

Hi Andrew

Thanks for the insights - I'm intrigued about the application of 6 Thinking Hats - would you care to expand on this a little more and possibly share a sample map?

Your comment about prompt publication of workshop outputs is key - the momentum generated during a workshop can so easily be lost if circulation of the outputs (especially the actions) is delayed.