Monday, 3 September 2007

Manage Information Using Drag and Drop

Whilst collating Anjum Anand's Indian recipes using MindManager (see earlier posting 'Style Comparison' here) I discovered that such maps can be created using drag and drop from Windows Explorer.

I have been creating such maps the hard way its seems. I have been working from the MindManager map and creating a topic for each item I wish to hyperlink to. Then I have been adding the hyperlinks by right clicking and browsing for the file using the hyperlink dialogue.

DragNDrop InformationManagement When building the recipe map I created a new map first, with only a central topic and then minimised the window. This gave me access to another window displaying the folder holding the recipe files. In this window I selected and held down the cursor a recipe and dragged it over to the MindManager map until I got a link from the central topic. When I let go of the mouse button, MindManager created a new topic, using the file name of the recipe, complete with hyperlink. When all the recipes were added I created some new topics on the map to help me organise the recipes by main ingredient. Simple and quick.

This simple demonstration confirms the power of MindManager to organise and manage information.

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Andrew Wilcox said...


Great that you have discovered this fantastic benefit of MindManager.

It's the icing on the cake I use to finish my finish my MindManager Principles Morning.

You can take a similar approach with web based research. I frequently do price comparisons this way. Add the URL to the map by drag and drop (works in Firefox as well) or use the MindManager tool. Then append the key features and price as subtopics (type or copy and paste).