Monday, 10 September 2007

Marketing Copy Made Easy

Recently I needed to create a flyer for my business in a hurry; to outline the key features and benefits. FeaturesAndBenefitsI got my thoughts out very quickly using MindManager and then used the tool to group the ideas. A further quick review of the map led me to the key topics and my thoughts were arranged a final time under the topic headings.

FandBflyer From the resulting map I was able to create the copy I needed in next to no time. In fact I spent more time on formatting the document than I did on the copy.

This time saving and creative process has been discussed widely. See Roger C. Parkers Design to Sell web site for more and download Mindmapping for Marketeers and Writers. There is even a user-created video of the creative process accessible via the MindManager Users forum on Ning here.

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