Saturday, 13 October 2007

Mind Mapping Software and Workshops

MindManager in Workshops A while back I posted a question asking for your experiences of using MindManager or similar tools in group workshops. The uses to which these tools are put cover the full life cycle of a typical workshop - planning; delivery; recording and reporting.

Here is a thumbnail summary of the experiences reviewed to date:

  • Planning the event - see an example here
  • Presentation - used to support a presentation or talk with the map providing the summary, navigation, content and links to other files - see Nick Duffil's thoughts here for ideas
  • Interactive brainstorming, sorting/sifting of ideas, clustering, project planning - some use has been reported however this seems to be an area not exploited by users to date. One fear is that the tool may prove a distraction for the audience and the facilitator
  • Recording and reporting - a mapping tool is used post workshop to make sense of the workshop outputs, to record flipcharts in some state of order and to report the synthesis of ideas and actions.

As ever, I welcome your thoughts on these interim findings and any further workshop experiences you would care to share.

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