Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Use MindManager to Sort, Sift and Summarise

Post-Its 003 How to make sense of all the ideas gathered in a workshop session? They need grouping, sorting, sifting and summarising so that the key themes can be identifed and the group can review them to achieve a consensus.

There is a role for MindManager during or after the workshop to organise ideas recorded using Post-It notes and flip charts.


In this example the ideas generated by the group were grouped and sorted using MindManager and presented back for review and agreement.

An alternative approach would have been to capture the ideas directly into MindManager as the first part of the exercise. Once idea capture is complete, the group can move on to review and group them in the tool.


Elaine said...

There's at least one set of circumstances in which I'd be inclined to stick with the Post-It notes, and that's when working with a significantly geeky/technical group.

Until you've had such a group be more interested in the technology you're using than in discussing the meeting topic, any description I could give of the "ooh, shiny"/"new toy" etc. conversation would seem like exaggeration.

Steve Rothwell said...


Thanks for the tip - I think I know exactly what you mean ......

Andreas Breiler said...

I have worked as a trainer and facilitator for tease kind of workshops for over 10 years. I also love tech and I'm a certified gadetfreak. That being said I have to say that most of the time tech just gets in the way of the work. I have tried mind manager, zing, numerous more or less intelligent white boards and so on but I still tend to stick to the post-it note approach. yes its a pain to write i all up but its nice to have them on notes, especially for the screening and enrichment.

Still searching for the ultimate group tool for idea gen.