Sunday, 14 October 2007

Visual Planning

One of the many pleasures in attending the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) European conference in Edinburgh was the opportunity to see different workshop techniques in action. The graphic facilitation session was hosted by Meeting Magic and demonstrated the use of graphics such as pre-designed templates and graphic recording.

VisualPlan We were also introduced briefly to the idea of planning workshops and meetings graphically. The power of this is that it helps the workshop designer visualise not only the elements or tools needed but how they fit together ('process' in facilitation terms). It even provides a mental rehearsal of key workshop sessions. Here is a sketch I did earlier this week as part of the preparation for a planning session with a client.

The plan is a simple one - use a four stage idea generation and evaluation process to produce a summary for each of several key headings. These summaries are brought together around a large summary graphic as they are produced and build a complete picture of the subject of the workshop.

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