Monday, 5 November 2007

Graphic Templates

TemplateAn important tool in graphic facilitation is the visual template. Typically a template is prepared before the workshop and posted at the start of the exercise. The group works on their ideas with the template in mind and with the knowledge that what they produce will be used to populate the template. This helps them stay focussed on their objective. The completed template provides a memorable record of the achievements and conclusions of the group.

This example is based on one available from the The Grove Consultants.

Further examples of workshop graphics as templates can be found in these excellent books. The key thing to remember is that anyone can prepare these - no previous artistic skills are needed.


Jennifer Goddard said...

Great books - I have all of them in my library.

I started pasting different images I ripped out of magazines, brochures etc into a small exercise book so I had the pictures there as a reference when I am trying to draw something - do you know how hard it is to draw the sydney opera house!

(repeat after me... I am in the process of learning to draw.... ;-)

here's I mind map I drew to remember a song "Yellow Submarine" (though it looks like it might sink)

(Or Xie Xie as I am in Shanghai at the moment)

Steve Rothwell said...

Hi Jennifer

Collecting images is a great tip. And I can so relate to "I am in the prcess of learning to draw...).

A four step process for drawing graphics in workshops was demonstrated recently. The key word for me is "accept". The steps are:

1. Centre yourself
2. Visualise the image
3. Draw it
4. ACCEPT what you have drawn and move on.