Friday, 30 November 2007

Thinking Skills

"In our evolving world, the ability to think is fast becoming more desirable than any fixed set of skills or knowledge.  We need problem solvers, decision makers and innovators.  And to produce them, we need new ways to teach and learn.  We need to prepare our children for their future, not for our past."

Mike Fleetham, "How to Create and Develop a Thinking Classroom"

I have only just discovered the interest and effort being put into the education system to teach children how to learn and think, as opposed to just memorising facts, for instance.  It seems my own children are receiving some coaching in different approaches to learning.  I've found a collection of resources at Brainbox, from where I copied the quote that heads this post.

I'm also intrigued by this publication:

Here is a synopsis:

"Think you can't see someone's thinking? Think again! This book reveals what happens when the normally private, hidden and undefined act of thinking is transformed into one that is public, available and explicit.

Thinking Skills and Eye Q is the world's first lexicon of visual tools – once tooled up, you can transform teaching and learning in your classroom. Thinking Skills and Eye Cue is a breakthrough in thinking. Ironically, there has been lots of fuzzy thinking about thinking skills. Caviglioli, Harris and Tindall, though, are very clear about what thinking is. In this book, they link thinking skills with visual tools and the genres that pupils encounter in every lesson. "

I would love to hear from you if you have read this book.


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