Thursday, 13 December 2007

Books Written Using MindManager

MMBooks I've just received a map of books written using MindManager courtesy of Melinda Venable at MindJet.

The map presents a number of books all developed or 'written' using MindManager and has internet links to connect you to further details of each book.

You can read about my approach to writing using MindManager in yesterday's posting here.

You can download the books map here.


kyle776677 said...


This is really excellent. The Echo Maker looks especially interesting. It makes you wonder, if you looked back through history's great works, how often you would find a mind map-like scribbled diagram next to their desk.

Steve Rothwell said...

Yes, that's a good point. In one of Tony Buzan's books he includes extracts from note books of the likes of da Vinci and they all contain sketches and doodles.

Andrew Wilcox said...

Great map

You can write booklets with it to.

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