Saturday, 8 December 2007

Real Time Note Taking

cima notes One of the uses of mind maps is real time note taking such as during a meeting or lecture.  Here is an example from a presentation I attended for accountants who might be thinking of setting up in business for themselves. 

I had turned up only with my fountain pen so had to use this and notepaper provided by the conference centre.  Still, this simple example gives an idea of what can be achieved.

Why was I at a presentation for accountants, well it's a long story ......

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Rick said...

Hello, Steve:

While attending WebSearch University 2007 in Philadelphia PA this past spring, I did exactly this using FreeMind 0.8.0. I found that I could easily organize my notes and questions, and attach softcopy presentations, when made available by the speakers to attendees. I wholeheartedly recommend using a Mind Mapping tool for this purpose.