Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Writing with Mind Manager

MindManager is a superb tool for preparing a written piece such as an essay, article or, as in this case, the chapter of a book.  This post illustrates one approach using MindManager and is based on the drafting of a chapter on a historical subject (a history of the 17th Indian Infantry Division).  The steps I followed were:



- create an overview map with the main events as topics, the events begin determined from preliminary research and reading


LinkedMapForReorganisationTopic - for each topic in the overview, create a linked map and add detailed notes to the linked maps as topics.  Each source is reviewed in turn and details added to the topics which are also amended and shuffled into a narrative order (I don't use MindManager notes as I like to be able to insert, amend and move text around.  I find it easier to do so using topics).  I write in sentences with one or more sentences per topic.  As I find detail or amend sentences I also use the 'split topic' feature


CcombinedMapDraftMultimap - when all the overview topics have been filled out via their linked maps, I create a single map prior to exporting the consolidated piece to Word for editing and formatting.  To do this, from the overview map go to the multimap view which will show all the linked maps with the overview map.   Select all the maps and combine them into a new map.  Remove any duplicate topics that are created by this process.  I now have one large map with everything I typed in


InitialExportToWord- export this new consolidated map to Word.  With the export options: turn off numbering; don't indent; and set all topic styles to 'Normal'.  Export to Word.  This gives you one long piece of text, in narrative order and reading reasonably well


FinishedDraft - edit and format the text using Word to achieve a completed draft.





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Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D said...


I too have found MindManager to be a great writing tool especially for writing RFP's. I enjoyed your post.