Thursday, 28 February 2008

Business Process Swim Lanes

A few days ago I posed an open question on the use of MindManager for mapping business processes - see here.  Shaun Penny wrote to ask about ideas on how to incorporate the swim lane style of process mapping.  My original thought was to use floating topics and relationships for the process flows however there are other ways. 

I've experimented with several approaches and one which seems to work very well is to use the 'organisation chart' style for the main topic.  This style allows topics to be repositioned 'up and down' - in this case they can be slid up or down into the appropriate swim lane position.  The normal lines linking the topics are hidden by selecting 'Format Topic' for the central topic and clicking on 'No Line'


Let me know what you think.


Jennifer said...


good idea - though is really moving away from Mind Maps when you do this. Interesting that you tagged it as a mind map rather than a flow chart.


Swimlane Flowcharts said...

That is very cool. I have MindManager but never imagined to use it for flowcharting. Thanks for the tip!