Friday, 15 February 2008

Process Mapping

ProcessEGRecently I have been using MindManager to capture business processes.  My original idea was use the software to do the initial capture and review before exporting the output to something else, such as MS Word.  However having started in MindManager I decided I liked the results and have completed all the processes this way.

What are your experiences in documenting any aspect of a business process using mind maps and/or Mindmanager?  Do drop me a line and share your examples.


Anonymous said...

Hello Steve,

I've been trying to find a way to combine Mind Mapping functionality with a Swimlane type Process Map. Have you had any experience in doing this? It's as if I can only do one or the other. I'd like to show the process flow with task ownership, but also branch each task into the steps and best practices. Thanks for your posts!

Steve Rothwell said...

Hi Shaun

I'm working with both at the moment but the swimlanes are in Visio. I would like to do the combination too. My guess is to use some combination of floating topics perhaps.

If you would like to, please email me directly with any thoughts or examples - I would like to develop an answer to this.

patvr said...

I am working with MindManager to look at some high level business processes, inputs and outputs for each of the main process steps, and some description. With MindManager though the inputs, outputs and descriptions can be subtopics of each process, the processes themselves need to remain one their own with no such hierarchy. Is the floating topic the recommended way to do this with relationship lines between each floating topic?

Steve Rothwell said...

Yes, using floating topics is one good approach, showing flows by using relationships. In a later post (Business Process Swimlanes - I used the hierarchy/organisation chart template and hid all the lines by setting the topic formatting to "No lines". I found this gave me a little more control on the placement of processes which was important for the swimlane approach I was demonstrating. I then used relationships to record the flows between processes.