Friday, 28 March 2008

6 Thinking Hats and Mind Maps

There is continuing interest in Edward DeBono's Six Thinking Hats approach to helping groups develop, review and agree on options and solutions.

Last week Jamie Nast posted two idea or mind maps on the subject - one map summarising the technique and the other being a simple MindManager template to use in a meeting.  The material also appeared in the MindJet user newsletter.

The second map is available to download as a MindManager template - click here.


Andrew Wilcox has also used the technique with mind maps and has written about it here.  He also offers a template for downloading - click here.



I found this hand drawn map at the Illumine Training web site devoted to mind mapping


If you have a take on this subject or any maps or templates to share, do send them on.

DeBono's book is still available.

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