Saturday, 19 April 2008

MindMaps on Moonfruit

imagePaul Foreman is creating numerous hand drawn mind maps on health, well being and being organised.  They are all available for viewing at or



For anyone interested in developing their skills and style this is an invaluable resource given the huge range of examples.



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Paul Foreman said...

Thanks for the post Steve - since discovering Mind Maps (invented by Tony Buzan) my creativity has developed substantially….the Mind Map concept helps us use both sides of our brain; helping us progress from "linear" (one-dimensional) through "lateral" (two-dimensional) to "radiant" (multi-dimensional) thinking.

They are a fabulous way to learn, plan and create. You can use a Mind Map for just about anything – from shopping lists, setting out presentations, life-planning, or dissecting difficult text books; they are ideal for studying and learning. Thankfully, the creativity is in all of us – it just needs encouraging out and Mind Maps are a fabulous and fun way to explore new horizons or take a fresh look at existing thinking.

Having been bitten by the Mind Map bug, I decided to create a website to share example Mind Maps at There are many hand-drawn and painted examples of Mind Maps on the site (which are free to download) to help inspire and motivate you and perhaps encourage you to look into using Mind Maps more often. Be aware that I often stray outside the Mind Map rules; something I am looking to improve on myself! Further Mind Maps can be seen on the inspiration/motivation website at

Also recommended are books by Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Maps – he also has a number of websites including this one:

Paul Foreman – Mindmappper/Illustrator