Sunday, 13 April 2008

To Do Lists with MindManager

I have dabbled with using MindManager to manage my to do's without reaching a stage of comfort.  I always revert to the simple list management possible with MS Outlook to which I have added the Getting Things Done (GTD) add-in.  I think this is partly because the maps get too big.

Accounts To DosObviously the idea of using a map or maps appeals to me as I keep coming back and trying again.  Recently I had more success by keeping the map constrained to just one set or topic of to do's.  In this instance it is everything I need to do with my accounts and taxation (brrrrrr!).  This has worked really well as it has allowed me to see everything I need to do on a specific topic, whereas the Outlook/GTD combination is less satisfactory in this respect. 

I create the tasks in Outlook, often from emails or as next actions when completing tasks.  I send these together with appointments and contacts to the MindManager map.  I also include links to relevant web sites, files and folders.  From this point I use the map to manage progress.

Gaelen O'Connell of MindJet has posted a question on LinkedIn asking 'What's your favourite GTD application?'.  The answers to date include a wide range of applications.

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