Sunday, 15 June 2008

Import a Word Document into MindManager

Taken directly from the MindManager help file:

"MindManager can import a Word document and transform the text into a map. An essential part of this process is the proper structuring of the Word document.

The document is processed according to the styles it contains. MindManager uses the Heading styles to determine the map topic hierarchy: text in Heading 1 style becomes Main topics, Heading 2 and greater are subtopics. Text in the Normal style (or any other style that is not a Heading style) is included as text notes for the topic directly preceding it. "

WordDocPreMM In this simple example, the headings in the document had a style 'Heading 1' and the notes had a style 'Heading 2'.





WordDocPostMM The resulting map - all that was needed was to edit the central topic.



This powerful feature can be invaluable for turning a document into a map for further review - allowing restructuring, the building of associations and the addition of colour and images.

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