Sunday, 29 June 2008

Mind2Chart - Latest Version

Version 1.3 of Mind2Chart has been released. This neatly packaged project planning add-in to MindManager has been updated with more essential features. Latest additions are:

  • Colouring Tasks and Colour Synchronization
    Tasks bar colouring can now be synchronised with colours on the mindmap
  • Master Project Calendar
    You can now define holidays and workdays and work-hours per day for a team
  • Advanced Resource Parameters: Individual Schedule and Cost
    An individual calendar and details for each resource can now be set
  • Total Cost Sheet
    A new report and Excel export provide total project costs
  • Automatic Task Alignment Tool
    This simple function provides resource levelling.

I am very impressed with the simplicity of use and the speed of operation of this add-in.  The extracts to Excel of tasks, resources and total costs result in beautifully formatted spreadsheets, with tasks highlighted and accurately indented sub-tasks.  Here are some screen shots.

M2C2 M2C window open

M2C3 M2C window expanded

M2C4 Task sheet export to Excel

M2C5 Resource list in Excel

Sergiy Goncharov, from the company that developed M2C, shared his team's philosophy :

"the recipe for the right product is simple:
- we are software development company with very well established testing procedures
- we are mind mapping enthusiasts
- we are lazy enough so we focus only on things that really adds value to our work ;) "

You can download a free full function trial of Mind2Chart v1.3 from the official site at:

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