Wednesday, 30 July 2008

No Time To Think?

An interesting article on the BBC News web site poses the question of how to give time each day to thinking.  Discussing time, place and props the article includes comments from scientists and Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind maps.No time to think







I've summarised the key points as a mind map (click on the image above).  You can download a MindManager file here.

To read the article in full go to No Time To Think?

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Alan Connor said...

Steve, that's fantastic - who wouldn't like to see something they'd written reconfigured as a mindmap? Do you have a higher-resolution version, by any chance?

Steve Rothwell said...

Hi Alan. It is a great article - lots for people to think about, especially given the work and social pressures we feel we are obliged to confirm to.

I've mailed an image to you - let me know it arrives, please.