Wednesday, 17 December 2008

bCisive 2.0 Released

The latest version of bCisive has just been announced - the following from Austhink, the supplier:


Austhink is very pleased to announce the release of bCisive 2.0, our tool for helping address key business challenges effectively, enhancing analysis and communication across your team and achieving better business performance through better thinking.

bCisive 2.0 offers a redesigned, more comprehensive Building Panel, giving an improved user experience and making it even easier to get started. The new version also allows you to:

  • Save time developing slide shows with the new in-product Presentation and export to PowerPoint features 
  • Present complex arguments more rigorously using new co-premise capability for grouping statements that rely on each other to hold
  • Find and fix typing errors with the Spell Check

Download bCisive 2.0 for a free evaluation now

Explore bCisive 2.0 for assistance to:

  • Explore options and make confident decisions: lay out all the options and drill down into the implications, achieve consensus more easily, and arrive at the best decision.
  • Test hypotheses: assess a situation, identify competing hypotheses, and quickly zero-in on the most likely cause.
  • Analyze reasoning: develop your logic and convince your colleagues to support and adopt your proposal.
  • Capture discussion: keep meetings on track, capture and record each team member’s perspective, and build shared understanding. Save time and improve efficiency.
  • Organize ideas: structure your thinking, identify patterns and formulate an effective plan.
  • Present your case: make compelling presentations quickly and easily with the intuitive Presentation feature.

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