Sunday, 4 January 2009

New and Updated - MindManager Templates

Michael Deutch of MindJet has published several business planning templates using the new MindManager 8.0.  Included in these is a template for SWOT analysis.

Michael writes:

"There are many reasons why I like MindManager for SWOT strategy maps including:
- Capture all your ideas quickly with the brainstorming mode
- Use a projector, web conference or co-edit the same map with Mindjet Connect to engage teams in the brainstorming process
- Add additional information with notes, hyperlinks, files, spreadsheets & charts
- Reorganize information by dragging and dropping with a mouse
- Pack in a ton of information on a single screen showing you the ‘big picture’
- Add and prioritize ‘tasks’ directly into your map that can be used to build out your action plan"

See the posting on the MindJet blog here to download the template.  Michael's other postings on PEST planning and SMARTer objectives are also available.

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Visual Thinker said...


Thanks for the mention! I'm going to be focused on productivity maps in the coming weeks! Keep an eye out and let me know if you have any requests.