Wednesday, 4 March 2009

MS Project Adapter for MindManager

image The latest from ApriorIT is the MS Project Adapter add-in for MindManager.  This great little tool allows you to work with MS Project data without the expense of buying Project.  imageThe tool works with XML files created by Project and imports them into MindManager.  You can then edit the project plan using MindManager.   At the moment the tool imports Project XML files into MM but the next version will do both import and export.  If you buy the import tool now, you can upgrade to import/export free when it becomes available.  This really is worth a try - it's so simple to use.  

imageThe Adapter installs a button on the MM ribbon - click this, select the XML file and the Adapter creates a new map with all the project tasks and associated information.  It even creates spreadsheet topics to hold resource and calendar data.  You can now collaborate with MS Project users using XML files.  I knew there was a use for XML.....

....and if you are a Mind2Chart user then you can work with a Gantt, edit resources and export to Excel.

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