Saturday, 14 March 2009

Research Using MindManager

One of the values of mind mapping software identified by Chuck Frey (see Chuck Frey Reveals the Value of Mind Mapping Software) is managing information from multiple sources, such as when compiling research.  At first, the maps are used to gather notes from multiple sources. Next they are edited to consolidate the notes to create a single reference.  Finally they can be exported to other tools for further editing and formatting .

150th Atk Regt 006








The simple example here is based on research into a WW II British Army unit. Original source documents were consulted, being the war diary of the unit and that of its parent unit.  Each diary was created and maintained by month.

150th Atk Regt 091



The notes of interest were added to a MM map, one source at a time, each source being a first level topic. Second level topics provided a place to hang the details from each monthly chapter of the diaries.



The second step was to consolidate the notes to produce a single list of events, by month. This was done manually, with sub-topics being dragged and dropped to the relevant month. Then they were sequenced under their parent month topic.



The final step was to export to Word.


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