Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Buzan’s iMindMap V4.0

iMindMap produces stunning, beautiful maps that are true to Tony Buzan’s rules for mind mapping. The maps produced are organic, colourful and memorable – as close to the hand drawn item as may be possible using a computer.


The benefits of iMindMap are that these organic-looking maps can easily be put to other uses and are easy to share. Using the export features you can export the maps to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Project as well as other file formats, HTML and print.

New in version 4.0 is an animated presentation mode. There are two animation options: to expand the map branch by branch; to expand the map by main branch. The first option allows you to reveal each branch and it’s sub branches one click at a time, which is great for a measured or controlled delivery. The real beauty of this feature is, however, the expand by main branch option. This takes one branch at a time and in smooth, flowing movement reveals each sub-branch in turn before pausing. There is a speed control that allows you to match the pace of this animation to your narrative.


Furthermore any links included in the map, such as to files, web pages or other maps, can be opened and displayed from within the presentation by simply clicking on the link. When you have finished with the link you can return to and continue with the presentation.

To find out more, visit the iMindMap website.

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Niels Teunis said...

Except that I had version 3.1 which no longer works since I installed Snow Leopard on my Mac. Buzan now forces me to pay for the upgrade. How much is that, well the website won't tell you. The program is good, but the way they are trying to get more and more money from you is ridiculous.