Saturday, 2 May 2009

Easy Task Synching with Outlook EasyTask

image With the latest product from ApriorIT, MindManager and Mind2Chart become tools to create sets of Outlook tasks or an alternative means of viewing any Outlook task list. 

Outlook EasyTask is a slick tool that functions precisely.  I like (need) to be able to manage tasks in different Outlook folders – I work on multiple projects and it’s essential to maintain separate task lists.  Outlook EasyTask manages this very well. 


The different options for doing this are described and illustrated in the many examples documented in the accompanying Help file.  A really nice touch for importing Outlook tasks into MindManager is the ability to choose how they will be grouped in MindManager under summary topics derived from Task Categories and Priorities.  The option to send the tasks straight to Mind2Chart as part of the import is fantastic, providing an instant Gantt view of the Outlook tasks.

Synching is useful and accurate – it allows one to keep a map but have the status of the tasks on it updated from Outlook.  This is ideal if you like to view your tasks via a min map dashboard.


One method of working is to create tasks in MindManager, schedule them using Mind2Chart and then export to Outlook.  Alternatively you can list the Tasks in Outlook, import into MindManager and rearrange to create your preferred dashboard style.  And if you assign Tasks to people using your Outlook Contacts list then these are imported into MindManager as resources.

image My personal preference is to update and edit tasks using MindManager and Mind2Chart and to then update the Outlook tasks by synching.  As the tasks tend to be my personal to-do list rather than tasks to be assigned to others, I make limited use of Outlook other than to print lists.  Outlook EasyTask does not allow for synching MindManager changes back to Outlook as it has been developed with the management of delegated or assigned tasks in mind.  So if you are managing a team and assign tasks via Outlook, Outlook EasyTask ensures that the progress updates you receive via Outlook are not lost.

imageThis is a great add-in with an amazingly simple interface and a useful set of options to give you control.  It all seems to work smoothly and the integration with M2C delivers a real “Wow!”

Find out more here.

There is also a version for Visual Mind.

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