Thursday, 7 May 2009

Outlook Task Linking with MindView 3

For ease of use it’s hard to beat the simple yet powerful Outlook Task linker that comes with MindView 3 Business Edition.  First create and edit a task list. Next select Export > Microsoft Outlook > Export as New Tasks. You will be prompted to include/exclude tasks with no task data and also to select or create an Outlook Task folder to export to. The tasks are then added to the folder.


MindView also has the option to synchronise a map previously exported to Outlook. Select Export > Microsoft Outlook > Synchronize. An options box pops up giving you control as to how the synchronisation will deal with items that have been modified in either Outlook or Mindview and how to handle tasks that may exist only in Outlook or only in MindView. This way you can update you map with changes/updates made in Outlook or vice-versa. MindView makes this all very simple.


Find out more at the MindView website.

Readers might want to compare the MindView approach with that of Outlook EasyTask - see posting here.

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