Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Performing Calculations in Mind Maps

A new feature in MindView 3 Business Edition is the ability to apply values to branch topics and to do calculations with these values.

I experimented by evaluating the cost options for a project, comparing internal resource option with a contract resource option. I created a quick hierarchical map with the roles added under the two options. Next I added fields to the branch topics: Days; Rate; Cost. Days and Rate are just values. Cost was set up as a formula…yes, you guessed ….Days * Rate. For the summary branch topics (the option topics) I amended the value fields to SUM the values of all child branches, thus giving totals for each value for each option.

For the central or root topic I amended the Cost formula to COUNT the number of options.

I enhanced the visual look of the map by changing the format, adding boundaries and filling the boundaries with different colours.


This was very easy to do, is intuitive (I did not refer to the Help pages at all) and gives an excellent visual result. The whole exercise took just a few minutes.

Next to export these results to Excel and Project …… once my upgrades to 2007 arrive in the post (MindView works with 2003 onwards – I have 2000).  See more here.

I should add a small postscript – the project and rates used are entirely made up, just for this exercise.

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