Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Idea Wall

100_0967A common approach to parking ideas and issues during a meeting or workshop is to write them up on a flip chart set aside for this purpose.  A couple of examples below.







How about if you want to take this further and actively encourage people to fill a whole wall with their ideas, issues and realisations?  The answer is to create an Idea Wall.


The Idea Wall should include headings or questions to prompt the participants or to help them better categorise their thoughts.  Including something visual such as a diagram, key word or graphic may attract people to the wall and help their thinking.  Leave space for people to write notes or stick Post-Its.  Here is one example:

IM Away Day 008

IM Away Day 009 IM Away Day 010

Thanks to Milly Sonneman for inspiring the images from her book "Beyond Words".  See more on graphic facilitation here.

Or take a look at some of these books for more ideas.

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