Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mindjet Catalyst is Launched

image Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening and watching Michael Deutch of Mindjet introduce the brand new Mindjet Catalyst - launched today.  Catalyst is Mindjet's latest offering in the world of online collaborative working.

You will be familiar with many of the problems we face at work today.  We tend to work more in silos and less with each other.  We receive a lot of information but don't act on it.  There is a lot of communication but less collaboration.  The challenge is how to help people produce usable things that lead to real action.

Enter Mindjet Catalyst.  Catalyst offers both an online mapping tool and a powerful collection of communication tools.  This collection includes: conferencing (up to 15 participants at a time); video conferencing; whiteboard; document sharing and workspace; VOIP; online surveys or polls.  The mapping tool packages together the best and most used functions of MindManager and puts it on the web.  A map can be developed online, co-edited and then shared in several ways - via social networking sites, email, download to MindManager or copy into the Catalyst workspace.  A map developed in Catalyst allows great collaboration - work can be divided up, progress monitored and all comments logged.  You don't need MindManager to use Catalyst - all your work can be done online.  You can share all kinds of documents and all kinds of electronic media.

imageMindjet seem to have listened to the user feedback on Mindjet Connect and the key concerns all appear to have been addressed.  Catalyst operates in a secure workspace - certified to SAS70 any day now.  There is no client software to download before your invitees can join you - it all happens in a browser window.  Probably best of all is the inclusion of many templates to help you get started with online meetings and idea generation sessions.  This is all presented in a slick looking style with minimal clutter.  The platform allows Mindjet to add new function as frequently as every 6 weeks should they choose.

Catalyst will be a subscription service and you can choose to subscribe to Catalyst and the conferencing tools separately (a great option if you are already signed up to a conferencing service).  Prices are GBP19/USD30 per month per user for Catalyst and the same price for the conferencing suite.  Seems like good value.

More news and screen shots to follow - I wrote this last night when the non-disclosure embargo was still in force.  Thanks also to Michael for getting up so early to give me a preview - I hope the caffeine high has passed without permanent damage.

Go to the Mindjet web site for more

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