Monday, 9 November 2009

Workshop Techniques – How to “Train” the Attendees

If your facilitated workshop includes sessions where the attendees work in small groups it helps if you can give them early confidence in the technique you want them to use. Wherever possible meet the attendees before the day of the workshop and explain and demonstrate the techniques. It is even better if you can get them to practice also.

3 Step Process However you will often only be able to explain the techniques on the day itself. Use the first session of the day to explain the technique and allow the attendees to practice it. It is important that this first session does contribute to the overall workshop objectives. However keep it simple and readily achievable – the main purpose of the first session is for the attendees to produce something useful whilst learning the techniques they will use throughout the day…….. and it goes without saying, if you can provide a simple visual to reinforce the key steps of the technique.

The example here is for a simple Post-It brainstorm. Group members spend a short period working individually and writing down their ideas on Post-Its. These are then stuck to a flip chart and the group work together to discuss the ideas and group them into themes. Finally the themes are recorded as a list of key ideas on a separate flip chart.

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