Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mind Maps for Business

Published just before Christmas, this new book from Tony Buzan and collaborator Chris Griffiths claims to show "you how to develop superior capabilities in all core business areas – from project management and selling, right through to leadership".

I'm waiting for my copy but would love to hear from you if you have read the book.  What did you make of it?  What new insights did you glean?  How relevant is the book to business?  How practical is the advice?


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Niall said...

got it during the Christmas break - it is a good business read - lots of examples of the business application of mind maps both hand drawn and computer based. The computer based are , not surprisingly, based on imindmap. The useful thing I took from this was the value of getting back to the purer form of mind-mapping rather than what I think I had moved to which was more 'concept' mapping or 'bubble' diagrams. Although I still feel that visual techniques like this are not as widely accepted, in my experience, in the business community..which is a shame.