Thursday, 25 March 2010

Mind Maps for Holidays

imageThe DIY approach to booking a holiday is a lot of fun, can save money and help avoid the crowds.  There is however an administration overhead and tracking all the itinerary details can be a nightmare.

imageOf course, mind mapping is a great way of planning the holiday, tracking progress of all the tasks needed to get it booked and also pulling together all the bookings, tickets, routes and timings.

This MindManager map was used to organise last year’s family trip to Germany.  It includes:

  • contact details as notes
  • hotel brochures and bookings in PDF form via hyperlinks
  • links to folders containing travel insurance documents
  • route maps pasted inside topics
  • journey times as topics.

image  A highly visual way of checking that everything has been done and also of bringing all the information together in one place.


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