Monday, 8 March 2010

Workshop Template

Planning to achieve a successful meeting or workshop often revolves around defining the focus question(s) to put to the group.  A tightly worded question helps the group understand what is to be discussed or worked upon and what kind of response is required.

Sometimes this is sufficient however there are times where a structured answer is required.  It may also be difficult for the group to answer the question without being able to visualise the format and structure of the response needed.  This is where a workshop template may be useful.  The template can be a handout or drawn in full size on a flip chart or both. 

Here is an example handout.  In this example, the group were to work in three syndicates and to present back a tightly structured response that would be consolidated into a single document by the workshop scribe.

Scenario Template

Further help in visualising the desired output was provided by a version of the template completed with a mock or model response.

Scenario Template2

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Matthew Lang said...

What about templates as mind maps Steve?

I did try using mind maps for something similar a few years back, but nobody felt comfortable filling in the mind map as it was something nobody in the workshop was familiar with.

Steve Rothwell said...

Hi Matthew

I have tried mind map templates a few times. It can work well especially where you ask people to work individually before bringing their ideas to the group. Then the maps can be consolidated into a single map incorporating all the ideas.

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