Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Research with MindManager Text Markers

Mind maps and MindManager are great tools for collecting and organising research notes.  One problem is keeping track of the source references against each note taken.  With MindManager Text Markers you need never lose a source reference again

Using MindManager it is possible to assign the notes to a topic that represents the source.  However if you wish to record the notes in a different structure, such as by topics representing the major subject areas, then a different approach is needed.  MindManager Text Markers are great for this purpose. 

imageFirst create a new Text Marker Group – in this example I have referenced my sources by date but this could easily be a catalogue index or a publication title.



Research with text markers 1Then add Text Markers to this group as required and assign them to the notes you record as topics.  Here the source document has been scanned and is analysed on one half of the screen with notes entered directly into MindManager on the right.

image The advantages of this approach are many and include the ability to reorganise and restructure the notes whilst retaining the original source references.  Use of text markers in this way also opens up additional possibilities for filtering the notes.  Once exported to Word, if the Text Marker option is included then the references will be carried through and the task of creating traditional references becomes much easier.


Garrett said...


This is a great post. I am the community manager with Mindjet and it is great posts like this that make my day. We use text markers here on my team to help divide up workload and make it easy for everyone to find what they need to do. This is another great example of how to use this feature.

Steve Rothwell said...

Hi Garret. Yes, the more I experiment with text markers the more useful they become.

Nigel said...


You might like to take a look at Power Markers for MindManager, an add-in that provides unsurpassed manipulation of Map Markers for MindManager 8 and MindManager Pro 7 including Text Markers.

Its available to try for free and is just about to evolve into a much more powerful dash boarding tool for MindManager

You can see it here: http://www.olympic-limited.co.uk/mindmanager-add-ins/power-markers/


Steve Rothwell said...

Thanks Nigel. Power Markers is a great product and has obvious applications for the kind of research and analysis I've described here. See my earlier post "New Take on 6 Thinking Hats at http://vismap.blogspot.com/2009/11/new-take-on-6-thinking-hats.html

Am eagerly awaiting the next version.


Robin Capper said...

Great post. Another great use for text markers is managing concurrent, but different, information in single document. I use it for application help when there are major changes in the UI. You can have a common problem but document two "fixes" which are specific to the application. Handy for people supporting users with a variety of applications/versions. See the detail in my post