Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Visual Documentation

Back in 2007 I created a visual CV, based on an original idea by Michael S Scherotter (see Visual CV).  Recently I’ve been preparing project briefs (or terms of reference) and communication plans that can be documented on a single sheet of A3 paper, an idea adapted from the Toyota “A3 Problem Solving Report” approach. 

imageThe initial results were fit for purpose but lacked visual impact.  Using MindManager and the ideas developed in the Visual CV work I was able to create a visual template to capture the project brief. 

The beauty of using MindManager is that the template is very flexible.  If a section expands and a column becomes out of balance with the others, one can simply move a topic or two to other columns to restore the balance.

The terms of reference template loosely follows a simple standard I was taught many years ago …. BOSCARD.

  • B – Background
  • O – Objectives
  • S – Scope
  • C – Constraints
  • A – Approach
  • R – Reporting
  • D – Deliverables.


Andrew Wilcox said...

I remember your CV and still show it to people as an example of how to use MindManager without the result looking like a mind map.

Steve Rothwell said...

Thanks Andrew. It's a useful format and is appreciated by managers who like to have all the kye points on a single sheet of paper. I will try to publish some examples when I can remove any confidential details from them.

Am wondering if you have already produced a mind map and/or summary for yesterday's UK emergency budget?