Tuesday, 13 July 2010

MindManager 9 - “The Missing Office Application”

MindJet have just released news of Version 9 of MindManager, generally available from 10th August.

From MindJet themselves we hear;

The new version improves upon the seamless integration with the Microsoft Office suite and SharePoint, allowing users to quickly bring together information and content from a variety of sources into an intuitive visual map that aids planning, brainstorming and project management. The scope and ease of integration with Office, combined with the intuitive display of multiple sources of information, has lead some to describe MindManager as “the missing office application.”

MindJet have summarised the key features of Version 9 as follows:

· Power Performance – Faster map loading while using fewer system resources

· MindManager Slide Show – Enables users to create and present a series of slides based off map, tree and organisational chart layouts helping to align and organise information, ideas and strategies to be more productive.

· Microsoft Outlook Integration – Features more powerful integration with Microsoft Outlook tasks, emails, notes, calendar items and contacts and enables individuals to easily assign priorities, filter on priority, and drag and drop content for better organisation.  Dynamic branches of Outlook tasks can be added to maps and visualised in MindManager’s integrated Gantt chart.

· Microsoft PowerPoint Integration – Users can now easily export content from MindManager into PowerPoint slides to accomplish more, faster.

· Microsoft Project Integration – Improved integration allows for exporting of plans created within MindManager as Microsoft Project files.

· Resource Utilization – To help ensure your plan’s success, users can better understand which resources are over or underutilised.

· Gantt Chart View– Individuals can view task and project plan timelines in MindManager’s integrated and synchronised Gantt chart. Updates can be made to maps by adjusting the Gantt chart or by making changes directly into a map.

I hope to be able to give an early review of some of these features in due course.  A slightly different summary is available at the MindJet website – click the image below.



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