Thursday, 15 July 2010

MM9 – Export Topic to Outlook

Whilst the function for exporting tasks to Outlook that existed in MM8 appears to be missing from the review copy of MM9, it is still possible to export topics to Outlook as either tasks or appointments.

Apologies to those of you who know of this option, I have only just discovered it (Doh!).  For those of you who don’t and want to export topics to Outlook, you can do so as follows:

  • Select a topic (just one at a time)
  • Right click on the topic
  • Select “Send To” from the menu that pops up …
  • … then select either “Microsoft Outlook as Task” or “Microsoft Outlook as Appointment”
  • View the Outlook task or appointment that opens, edit it and save and close
  • Repeat for additional tasks – one at a time.

image I have occasionally exported tasks, appointments and emails from Outlook using the MM add-in however my review copy did not install this to Outlook for MM 9. 

I don’t know if any of these apparently missing Outlook functions will be available in the final version. 

imageThe new MM 9 Outlook function works on the premise that you run a query from within MM 9 to automatically select and import the Outlook tasks, appointments, emails and contacts you want.  The queries can be edited to fine tune the selections, they can be cloned and edited or you can create your own.  image

See also Andrew Wilcox’s postings for further details: New Outlook Query Functions in MindManager 9 and The Outlook Query in MindManager 9

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