Friday, 9 July 2010

Recognition as a MindJet Trusted Voice


MindJet have begun a programme to recognise blogs that promote mind mapping and MindManager. Garret Scott of MindJet wrote, "It is individuals like you who help to champion the mapping way of life."

The programme includes the option to display the MindJet Trusted Voice logo on the web sites and blogs belonging to members.

The programme has caused some debate amongst mind mappers.  Some have declined as they fear that to display the badge may effect how others view their impartiality - a position I would fully endorse for those who provide us with reviews of the market as a whole. 

A scan of the postings on this blog will quickly reveal I am partial to MindManager as a user.  I am happy to accept the invitation.

Vic Gee has recorded some thoughtful observations on this subject at his Mind Mapping Blog - see

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