Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Working with Slides in MindManager 9

A new feature in MindManager 9 is the Slide view.  Working with this one can break a map up into different views, each containing only a portion of the map.  This is a great option for walking through a map with colleagues, one part of the map at a time.


Using the map example here (left), let’s suppose we want to create views of the map based on selected main branches.  The purpose being we want to create a slide for each branch, then present and review that portion of the map displayed by the slide

imageSelect each branch in turn, perform a “Right Click” on the topic and select “New Slide from Branch”.  The first time this is done, a pane will open and display the slide thus created.

image Keep selecting branches and “New Slide from Branch” until you have all the slides you need. 



imageNotice how MindManager places a slide icon against each topic from which a slide has been created.

image You may now step through the map slide by slide by clicking each slide in the slide pane in turn.  This causes only the portion of the map forming the slide to be displayed in the main pane.

image Alternatively, you may use the “Slide Show” view to step through the slides in full screen mode.  The slide may be edited even in Slide Show mode – great for adding instant feedback and new ideas to the map.

image From the ribbon, select the drop down arrow on the “Slides” button reveals a print option. 



imageThe slides can be printed with a single click – great for emailing or hand outs – see this PDF example (below).



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