Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Weave A Great Meeting?


There is a visual tool to aid communication and networking at conferences and within organisations – and it’s far more exciting and useful than a mere delegate list or internal phone directory.

imageIt's called "Weave" and it lets you build an online view of everyone at your conference, meeting or organisation.

You can include photos, summary biographies, locations, roles, items of interest and, for instance, favourite conversations topics.

imageA visual database is prepared and accessible via the Internet. The list of people may be viewed according to different categories, such as location, interest and speciality.

The idea is to help people "get to know" other people attending the conference or meeting. Armed with this useful information users may find  networking becomes easier, corporate engagement more effective.

imageConference organisers may use the Weave tool to get discussion going before and during the conference.  Online meetings can also benefit as everyone on the call is able to picture the other attendees and know something about them.

There is an excellent online demo and the main website can be found here.

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