Friday, 12 November 2010

MindView 4 - Pre-Release Announcement


MV4-BE-Box-Front-medJust announced is the upcoming release of MindView 4 from MatchWare.  The full details are available from MindView Upgrade Features.

The list of upgraded and new features is a long one and continues to build on MindView's strengths in MS Office integration and project management.  New mind map styles are promised along with new Word templates for export.  Also new is a Shared Workspace to allow collaboration on maps - this appears to be available through subscription to an online hosting service.

A trial version is not yet available however it is possible to sign up for a "personalised webinar" to see the new features in action - see

Prices have been released and there appears to be a hefty discount for MindView 3 users - see:

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