Thursday, 9 December 2010

5 Steps to a Successful Meeting

Building on previous maps, this one takes the analysis and planning steps and combines them with a template for producing the meeting briefing and agenda. The map may be used as a guide, a checklist or a template. Sample text is provided for the meeting briefing as topic callouts, to illustrate how to produce a deliverable out of the analysis and planning.

5 Steps to A Successful Meeting

The five steps are:

  1. Complete Analysis
  2. Complete Planning
  3. Prepare Meeting Briefing
  4. Prepare Agenda
  5. Issue the Briefing with Agenda Attached.

The map is available to download as a MindManager 9 map from Biggerplate and Maps for That.  A MindView version will be posted shortly.

1 comment:

Cliff Allen said...

Very educational map for planning a "high value" meeting.