Friday, 10 December 2010

Successful Meeting Planning with MindView

Plan An Effective Meeting Yesterday's post introduced the "5 Steps to a Successful Meeting" planning approach. 


Here the map is presented in MindView Business Edition, partly by way of contrast but also to demonstrate how the map may be used as a template to create the meeting briefing.  You can download the MindView map here.



FocusOnBriefingThe text for the topics under "Step 3 - Prepare Meeting Briefing" is added as notes to the key topics.  For the meeting briefing, I only want this branch to be exported to Word so "Apply branch focus" to the "Step 3 - Prepare Meeting Briefing" topic.


MeetingBriefing Next export the map to Word.  Once in Word, remove any topic headings not needed and what is left is the briefing for the meeting, ready for pasting into an email or further refinement as a Word document. 

Follow the same process if you decide to create the meeting agenda (Step 4) within MindView.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

5 Steps to a Successful Meeting

Building on previous maps, this one takes the analysis and planning steps and combines them with a template for producing the meeting briefing and agenda. The map may be used as a guide, a checklist or a template. Sample text is provided for the meeting briefing as topic callouts, to illustrate how to produce a deliverable out of the analysis and planning.

5 Steps to A Successful Meeting

The five steps are:

  1. Complete Analysis
  2. Complete Planning
  3. Prepare Meeting Briefing
  4. Prepare Agenda
  5. Issue the Briefing with Agenda Attached.

The map is available to download as a MindManager 9 map from Biggerplate and Maps for That.  A MindView version will be posted shortly.