Friday, 27 May 2011

MindGenius Version 4 - New Release

Just released is the newest version of MindGenius, Version 4.  This version contains significant additions and enhancements and is well worth a look.image
Two new functions added are:
  • Brainstorming
  • Presentations.
Major enhancements have been made to:
  • Project Management
  • Task Management.
image A well thought out approach to providing support for brainstorming that leads to finished products where information has been sorted, filtered and/or categorised - ready for input into action planning. 
The brainstorming view captures ideas in an unstructured format that removes the risk of channeling ideas down pre-determined or emerging paths.  The brainstorm can be seeded by the use of a MindGenius question set, great for prompting ideas and getting things started.  Users can select from a range of question set templates supplied with MindGenius or create their own.  If desired, ideas can be captured linked to the question that prompted them - useful for subsequent review and analysis.  when ready, MindGenius can create new structured maps from the unstructured ideas, either organised by question or by categories applied to the ideas.
See a tutorial video on the Brainstorming feature

image Also new in MindGenius 4 is a presentation feature.  Taking a map as a starting point, the new tools allow a set of slides to be created interactively. 
The user has great control over the content, layout, additional text and graphics appearing in each slide.  To create a slide, a portion of the map - typically a branch - is selected and forms the basis of the slide.  Additional text can be added, together with graphics to embellish the slide. 
Once created a set of slide can be edited to change sequence or remove unwanted slides.  A background can be applied together transitions between slides.  Throughout the link with the original map is maintained so that any edits to the slide content and reflected in the map.  This is a great feature as it let's the material be edited on the fly during the presentation - great for capturing feedback and new ideas.  The presentation can be exported either as a PDF or PowerPoint file.
See a tutorial video on the Presentation feature

Project and Task Management
Improvements include:
  • New Gantt link types - F-F; S-F; S-S
  • Task constraint types - ASAP; Must Start On; Must Finish On; Start No earlier Than
  • New dynamic date filters - Today; On; Before
  • Branch symbol linked to status and % complete.
Initial overall impressions are that this version adds significant new function - function that is immediately useful for all kinds of idea creation, evaluation, planning and communication. 
In particular, the Brainstorming and Analysis tools, when used in combination, offer powerful tools for facilitating 1-1 sessions, meetings and workshops.

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