Friday, 3 June 2011

Adding 6 Thinking Hats Categories to MindGenius

In a previous post (see: 6 Thinking Hats and MindGenius) we saw how De Bono's famous thinking tool can be combined with the powerful brainstorming, analysis and mapping functions of MindGenius 4

Here is a quick tutorial on how to load 6 Thinking Hats (or indeed any other) icons and create the categories needed.

Category editAssuming you have a set of icons to use, open MindGenius and select "Tools > Options" and then click on the "Categories" tab within the "Options" dialogue.

Taking this route ensures that any categories/icons added will be available to all maps as well as the currently open map.


Category edit add

The first step is to add a new "Category Group" - in this case it will be called "6 Thinking Hats".


Then, add a new "Category" to this group - here we are adding "White Hat".  With this category highlighted, click "Add Icon".  The file selection dialogue will open, go to the folder containing your icons.  Category edit add white hat


Select the relevant icon, click on "Open" and the icon is added to the MindGenius list



Category all addedKeep adding "Thinking Hats" as categories to the "6 Thinking Hats" category group in this way.



Click "OK" when finished.



Now go to either the "Analyse" or start a "Brainstorm" view and click on the drop down arrow to the right of the displayed categories.  To get the new "6 Thinking Hats" category group to display in the list, click "More Categories" and click on the "6 Thinking Hats" title in the list that appears lower right.  The category group is added to the list and is now ready to go.Category edit add white hat drop down

Please refer to the earlier post 6 Thinking Hats and MindGenius to see how this is applied to individual and group working.

hats To get a copy of the 6 Hats icons seen here, click this link or the image (left) to download a zip file, then extract the files to a folder on your PC.



To download a free trial of MindGenius 4 to try these features for yourself, click on this link or the image (right).



To find out more about 6 Thinking Hats try De Bono's original book.


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