Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Clickable Keywords from WikiSummarizer

A new feature just added to WikiSummarizer (see: Read Less, Learn More from WikiSummarizer and  Mapping with WikiSummarizer) is the ability to follow your train of thought from keyword to keyword. 

Now, clicking on a keyword presented in a summary in your browser will automatically search Wikipedia and present a summary of the article that matches that keyword.

For example, I stumble across the word "archetype" and I'm not sure what that means.  Using WikiSummarizer, I search for that word amongst the Wikipedia summaries (click on the images below to see a readable image). 

imageWikiSummarizer presents me with a list of matching/near matching summaries, together with a few key phrases and a clickable link to the full summary.



image I click on the "Link summary" hyperlink for the summary of "Archetype".  This brings up the summary of the Wiki article in a new browser window.





One of the keywords in this summary is "Jung", whom I have heard of. 

Wanting to know how Jung is connected to archetypes I click on the "Jung" keyword in the summary. 




A new browser window opens to display the article summary for "Jung".  At the bottom of the summary I see the keyword "Freud" and click this ...... and so on it goes.


imageThis approach returns us to one of the key ideas behind the invention of hyper links - the ability to follow threads in much the same way our brain works. 

Now we can do it from keyword to keyword - making best use of the benefits of summarising.

Going back to the original summary on "Archetype", I decide I want to keep this and select the "Export to: Rich Text Format" option.  This let's me open or save an RTF version of the summary on/to my PC, which I can open with MS Word or similar word processor. 

The new format of the RTF file download that was introduced in the earlier post Mapping with WikiSummarizer is now available.  It's a tidy presentation and has the advantage that many mapping software applications can import it.image

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