Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mapping with WikiSummarizer

WikiSummarizer from Context Discovery is a web-based application that specialises in summarising Wikipedia articles.  Aimed at anyone who needs to learn, understand or write about topics, the application will benefit such diverse roles as researcher, student, writer, journalist and blogger. 

"Summarization" is the process by which a piece of text, document or article is analysed to produce a list of keywords and the more significant text extracts associated with these keywords.

WikiSummarizer will create a summary in your browser.  If you want to work with the summary using mind mapping software there is the option to download a summary direct to MindManager .... but what if you want to work with other mapping software?

The alternative summary download option is the Rich Text File format and this is due to be updated in the very near future.  The first benefit is that the RTF file is now improved in terms of layout and presentation.  The second benefit, and the one of most interest to mind mappers, is that the RTF file has been tagged with document styles that make import more straightforward into mind mapping software other than MindManager.

The RTF file is now structured using Word styles - Title, Heading1, Heading 2 - and when this is imported by a mapping tool it creates a corresponding branch structure - Central Topic, Level 1, Level 2.

There are four main steps to getting the Wiki summary into your mind mapping application:

  • Create the summary using WikiSummarizer
  • Download the RTF version of the summary
  • Open the file using MS Word 2007 or 2010 and then save as 2007-10 file format (.docx) or the older 97-2003 format (.doc), depending on what your mind mapping software will work with
  • Open your mind mapping application and import the Word file.

The examples that follow use a summary of the Wiki article, "Fermentation (wine)".



Here is the summary of the Wiki article as it appears in the browser.






imageHere is the RTF file downloaded and opened with MS Word.






Once saved in the latest Word format and imported into a mind mapping application, the summary becomes available for further and more visual analysis and refinement.

image Here, the file imported into MindView.







imageHere, the same file with iMindMap (this using version 4.1 and Word 97-2003 format).






image And finally, here is the MindGenius version (note the summary of the summary in the "Map Explorer" window top right).




For more on WikiSummarizer see Read Less, Learn More - WikiSummarizer or the Context Discovery blog.

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And you can import the Mind Manager download into NovaMind...